Gebert Rüf Stiftung. Gebert Rüf Stiftung. The financial support of the Gebert Rüf Stiftung in the framework of the call for the 2017 BREF ¦ "Soziale Innovation" enabled the research project "Music Listening in CSI" (2018-2020) to be conducted.

Dalle Molle Foundation. Dalle Molle Foundation. The research project "Music Listening in ICRs" was awarded the "Quality of Life Label" from the Dalle Molle Foundation (2019).

Nicati-de Luze Foundation. Nicati-de Luze Foundation. The Nicati-de Luze Foundation has financially supported the commissioning of new pieces for the music listening device (2019).

HES-SO. HES-SO. The HES-SO has supported the research project on music listening (2018) with an inter-domain fund.

HEMU – Haute école de musique. HEMU – Haute école de musique. The HEMU is one of the key partners of the amenhotep group. The institution provides its infrastructure and expertise in the field of music.

School of Engineering and Management, Vaud. School of Engineering and Management, Vaud. HEIG-VD is another key partner in the Amenhotep group. It also provides its infrastructure and expertise, in this case, in the field of engineering.

Haute école de santé Vaud. Haute école de santé Vaud. HESAV is another key partner of the amenhotep group. It too makes available its infrastructure and its expertise, this time, in the field of healthcare, and particularly mental-health care.

Psychiatric Reception and Action Group Association. Psychiatric Reception and Action Group Association. GRAAP participated in the development of the device Ktell Audio and will be involved in the project a[µz]e yourself!

Viacam. Viacam. VIACAM Sàrl designs, manufactures and distributes products for psychiatric care: safer facilities for better caregiver–patient relationships.


Department of Psychiatry, Lausanne University Hospital.. Department of Psychiatry, Lausanne University Hospital. The DP-CHUV has contributed to the development and scientific validation of Ktell Audio. It will participate in the project a[µz]e yourself!. Several intensive care rooms are equipped with the music listening device.

Maieutic Institute, Lausanne. Maieutic Institute, Lausanne. Nursing teams and patients regularly collaborate with amenhotep. The institute will participate in the project a[µz]e yourself!

Nant Foundation. Nant Foundation. Fondation de Nant is responsible for all public psychiatric care in eastern Vaud. It has equipped an adult psychiatric unit with the device Ktell Audio and supports the further work of the amenhotep group.

St-Cyr au Mont d'Or Hospital. St-Cyr au Mont d'Or Hospital. This hospital has one unit equipped with Ktell Audio, and is planning to install others soon.

Montfavet Hospital, Avignon. Montfavet Hospital, Avignon. A unit for severely affected patients has been fully equipped with Ktell Audio.

Vinatier Hospital. Vinatier Hospital. Ktell is installed in a calming room.

Psychiatry & Neurosciences, Paris Hospitals. Psychiatry & Neurosciences, Paris Hospitals. Ktell is installed in the hospital Henri Ey.